Selasa, 6 Ogos 2013

#DAPenipu TRYing to REwrite HisTory

寻洞党拒绝重选大爆料!原来,寻洞党是为了改写历史,而拒绝重选!一名遭寻洞党革除的支部主席直批行动党,企图改写党史、策划边缘化印裔党员、掩饰中委会党选成绩的舞弊、铲除异己等,而拒绝重选。寻洞党拒绝重选,因为党领导层要“洗底”,洗脱“寻洞党为印度人所 创办”的事实。

A "sacked" DAP branch leader yesterday alleged that the party's national leaders were willing to allow it to be de-registered  to erase the fact that the party was founded by an Indian. Ladang Paroi branch vice-chairman A. David Dass, whose membership was terminated by the party but has yet to receive a formal letter on the matter, claimed the leaders wanted to turn the party into a Chinese-dominated one. This, he said, was the reason why they had refused to heed the Registrar of Societies' instructions to hold fresh elections for the party's central executive committee (CEC).He claimed the leaders wanted to "rewrite history" as the party was founded by former Singapore president Devan Nair.

"This is another attempt by DAP leaders to erase the fact that the party was founded by an Indian and further marginalise Indians in the party. While many have forgotten the party's history, the party leaders are taking the opportunity to convince members and the people that DAP was founded by Dr Chen Man Hin, turning it into a party that belongs to the Chinese." Dass said Dr Chen was qualified only to be referred to as a lifetime DAP adviser and not a founding member.

"Dr Chen's involvement in the formation of DAP started in a by-election on Dec 9, 1965, when he won the Rahang state seat in Negri Sembilan as an independent. "Nair at that time decided to (start up a party), and the party was registered formally as the Democratic Socialist Party on March 18, 1966. "To establish the party, they needed at least seven people as sponsors and Dr Chen was one." Dass said by de-registering the party, the leaders could also sustain their power by covering up their flaws in the CEC polls held in December.

 "What they have engaged themselves in now adds only to the people's uncertainty over whether there really was fraud in the CEC election. They overlooked the rights of party members to vocalise their dissatisfaction with the CEC results and terminated the membership of those who have been vocal in the matter."Dass commented on the double standards practised by party leaders, citing his membership termination. 

"Terminating my membership without talking to me is a sterling example of the double standards in the party. Ironically, when it comes to the RoS, they (DAP leaders) insist RoS gave concrete reasons on why the party's CEC is not recognised."  Nilai Perdana DAP deputy chairman S. Rajashegher, whose membership was also terminated on June 28 without any issuance of official letters, said it was unbecoming to terminate anyone's membership without notice.  "The obvious thing is DAP only 'sacked' Indian members without any valid reasons. This is clear evidence of marginalisation of Indians in the party."

Isnin, 5 Ogos 2013




现在,谜底揭开了!一名遭开除党籍的巴罗园丘寻洞党支部副主席达斯声称,寻洞党领导层拒绝重选,主要目的是要在寻洞党注册被吊消后重新注册时,消除寻洞党为印裔所创办的事实。寻洞党领导层试图把寻洞党变成一个由华裔主导的政党。虽然寻洞党是由新加坡前总统蒂凡那所创立的。寻洞党尝试改写历史,以否决寻洞党是由一名印裔创立的事实,并进一步边缘化党内的印裔党员。曾敏兴只能被称为寻洞党终身顾问,但绝不是创党人。曾敏兴是在1965129日的拉杭州议席补选,以独立人士身分当选时,才开始参与寻洞党创立的过程。蒂凡那当时决定成立一个政党,而这个政党也在1966316日正式以寻洞党的名字进行注册。要成立一个政党,他们需要至少7 个人成为赞助人,而曾敏兴就是其中的一人。寻洞党领导层拒绝重选,也是要掩饰去年12月党选出现的舞弊行为。寻洞党党选绝对不是如林冠英所说的只是技术问题,因为他所提出的解释过于牵强,难以让人相信党选成绩是因为上贴时出错引起。寻洞党领导层宁愿冒着注册被吊消的风险也拒绝重选,究竟是真的如林冠英所说是为了真理,还是有其他隐议程呢?