Sabtu, 29 Mei 2010


The people should reject the ‘disgusting’ political culture perpetrated by the opposition PAKATAN RAKYAT because it may lead to a street culture that could get out of control. The ‘Taiwan-style’ of campaigning by the opposition, as recently seen in the Sibu by-election, was disappointing to witness. It was not the culture of this country to campaign on the back of lorries and yelling into a microphone.It may lead to street culture, like in Bangkok. The moment you have that, you cannot control it anymore. All people and businesses will be affected.

On the suspension of several opposition members from entering the new State Legislative Assembly building, is because they brought in ‘coffee shop’ politics into dewan. The chamber is a law-making body. You must behave in a law-abiding manner. Once you are elected, your word is an honour. You cannot act based on your standing of what you discuss in the coffee shop.

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