Sabtu, 5 Jun 2010

Bayaran Balik Lebihan Bayaran Premium

"Refund of overpaid premiums sought"

The state government should refund landowners who paid higher land lease renewal premiums before the reduced flat rate was announced on May 14, said Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) secretary-general Senator Datuk Sim Kheng Hui.He said it was only fair that those who paid more receive refunds.

According to him, over 800 owners of terraced houses in Kenyalang Park, around two-thirds of the housing area, have each paid about RM2,600 to renew their land leases.“We feel that since the state government has reviewed the premium, which is lower, those who have paid RM2,600 should get over RM1,000 returned.“The refund should not be a major problem. It is just a matter of how to make the refund,” he told journalists after a flag raising ceremony to mark the party’s 51st anniversary at SUPP Pending branch yesterday.

The SUPP Pending branch chairman said a counter would be set up near Kenyalang Theatre tomorrow (June 6) to gather details from the homeowners concerned.“Those who have paid the higher premium of RM2,600 can come register with us on Sunday. We need their details to proceed to the next stage of appealing for the refund,” said Sim.

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